About Very Derry

Hello, we are Very Derry and we are another type of Derry Girls. Very Derry has been created for people just like you, and you don’t need Derry DNA to wear the T-Shirt.

We have often discussed how misunderstood our city can be, how the camaraderie and the humour can so often be dismissed. We felt it was time to focus on the positive aspects of Derry, of which there are plenty, and spread the word far and wide that we have something worth exploring.

That is where you come in. We invite you to join us in our Very Derry family, beginning by wearing our T-Shirts with pride. We are keeping things simple to start, but invite you to get in touch with your thoughts and ideas for this Very Derry journey. Our city is vibrant and alive, warm and welcoming. We have survived on good humour and never taking ourselves too seriously and for those of you who hail from here but now find yourselves living abroad, you know exactly what I mean.

Please feel free to share your Very Derry experiences with us and your memories of the city if you have visited. It is our aim to see how far we can get one of our T-Shirts to travel so if you know anyone on the International Space Station, share our web address!

Now we invite you along with us on our journey and look forward to meeting you along the way.

Welcome to Very Derry.

Quality Control

All merchandise produced is to the highest standards, frequently tested and production assessed.


SOLS ensures strict compliance with the Geneva Convention in regard to abiding by their non use of child labour.

Working Conditions

A sustainable and ethical approach by committing to make their factories respect the fair wear foundation labour code.


NGOS and Associations. Financing the Bangladeshi Hospital and the ongoing support for the empowerment of women and children.