At the outset, it has been of the utmost importance to us that any product we produce will be of the highest quality. We wanted to source from suppliers who have agreed to an ethical agreement in terms of product production, quality control, environmental protections and most of all, fair and safe working conditions for their employees.

We are delighted to launch our brand using T-Shirts sourced from the company called SOLS. They have signed up to the following programmes:

Quality Control

All merchandise produced is to the highest standards, frequently tested and production assessed. SOLS is partner with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification.


SOLS ensures strict compliance with the GENEVA CONVENTION in regard to abiding by their non use of child labour.

The health and safety of consumers is also a top priority.

Working Conditions

A sustainable and ethical approach by committing to make their factories respect the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION LABOUR CODE.

To constantly strive to improve working conditions, and respect the minimum working age of 18. SOLS have also drawn up and implemented an exemplary code of conduct on working conditions and social laws in Bangladesh and China.


NGOS and Associations. Financing the Bangladeshi Hospital and the ongoing support for the empowerment of women and children.

HELPING NGOS in their fight against hunger. SUPPORTING emancipation and improving living conditions. FINANCING hospital care with SOLS. PROTECTING the environment and PROMOTING the development of sustainable systems.

We aim to move forward using companies equally as ethical in their production and treatment of personnel. To you, our consumers and friends, we guarantee to strive to present unique quality goods which we hope you will enjoy and share for many years to come. Each T-Shirt is hand printed in Derry, our Website design, musician, videographer, Emily and Ben, we two friends C and K have all been home grown in Derry, so in order to keep it local and keep it real, we will continue to keep things VERY DERRY!